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From our site, Herrajes sanz tries to approach to the professional specialist most of the national offer of ironworks and accessories, wich objective will be building industry and plaster workers.

We want to offer an easy way to the professional for sending us their doubt, providing them the information to easily access to our products in any of our sale point.

Our Technical Department would be at your disposal for any problem you may have in your day to day work.


Accesorios para montajes
Herramientas carton-yeso
Herramientas de Mano
Maquinaria y Batidoras

Escalera Telescópica, Bancos de Trabajo, Escalera con Banco, Andamio mini, Trípodes, Trípode puntal estandar, Regle Muelle galvanizado 40x40, Puntales galvanizados, Travesaño galvanizado, Regles Pestaña aluminio, Regles Muelle aluminio, Puntal de Aluminio, Regles Maestro aluminio, Regles Trapezoidal aluminio, Regles H abierta, Regles H cerrada, Regles nivel aluminio, Niveles, Esquineros de aluminio, Escuadras, Pasteras, Cubos Plasticos, Cubos Caucho, Caldereta Caucho, Gaveta Caucho, Capazo Caucho, Espuertas Plastico, Espuertas Caucho, Carboneras, Herramientas carton-yeso,
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